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B i o g r a p h y

2nd Hand Soldiers was formed by inspired singer Darian Long (Darian Mahaney) and her dad John Collins AKA JC on the guitar in 2007; Mackenzie (bass) joined in 2010; 

Darian began singing at a young age. Her parents loved music and raised Darian in thier footsteps; she was often caught singing along to many timeless classics, ranging from Bob Marley to Aretha Franklin. Born in Bend Oregon in 1988,she grew up in a time of amazing female vocalists who still influence her style today. It was obvious. Singing and performing were destiny. In her late teens, she formed her first band ”Rhyme and Reason”. This was the stepping stone for 2nd Hand Soldiers


She got to meet Steven Tyler when she made it to Hollywood on American Idol in 2012.   So jeally!

Photo by Gary Calicott 

Mackenzie Hatfield rocks on bass. Also raised in Bend, he played music in Jr. high and high school and later went on to the U of O music program. He has played in many projects from jazz to country, rock to reggae. Introduced to 2nd Hand Soldiers in 2010- he jumped onboard. He is smart and incredibly talented and brings some well thought out ideas to the band-  There are quite a few other bands out there that want him for themselves.  


Darian is often found bragging of MacKenzie- calling him.........


         "The Talenthouse" ----------------------->>>>>>>>>>>

On guitar, JC: Born in La Jolla Ca. and raised in north county San Diego.  With a laid back So Cal influenced, beach oriented attitude , he grew up listening to a lot of reggae and 80s rock. He picked up the guitar at 16 and never put it down. Visiting Oregon on a climbing trip JC decided to stay and live in Bend. Shortly after, he met his soon to be wife who had a 2 year old daughter named Darian. Already singing songs word for word on the radio, this is when the musical relationship between Darian and her new dad JC was noticed. JC has continued to practice and expand his talent throughout the years, and has been dubbed the backbone.


<<<<<<<<<<----------------"Captain Skank"

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